Nicki Haves Physiotherapy

for the professional


We work closely with a number of local Doctors and are happy to give advice over the telephone on musculoskeletal conditions and appropriateness of referral.

The most common question we are asked is’“how soon should I send someone to you?” The answer depends on the injury, but if your patient has an acute injury – a serious sprain or soft tissue injury for example – you should send them as soon as possible. Early treatment of this type of injury can significantly speed up recovery and prevent re-injury.

For low back pain, we would advise you to wait for two weeks. If the pain is still unresolved then send the patient to us.

Insurance Intermediaries and Solicitors

We have good working relationships with insurance intermediaries and solicitors, treating their clients with problems arising from whiplash and industrial injuries.

We understand your need for timely, clear and concise reports and our administration staff are excellent at liaising with companies, patients and physiotherapists. We already work with many intermediaries and directly with the major health insurers.

Our approach is to optimise patient recovery whilst controlling costs. Charges for assessment and report writing are dependent on the size and complexity of the report.

Local Business Clients

Back pain is the leading cause of sickness absence from work in the UK, affecting 1.1 million people1 , with the overall cost of back pain and musculoskeletal disorders to industry in Great Britain estimated at £5 billion a year2. Over 119 million working days are lost each year2 , this equates to a cost of £208 for every employee each year3.

Once an employee is off work for 4-12 weeks, they have a 10-40% risk of still being off work one year later4. We provide ergonomic advice for office and home -based staff and prompt physiotherapy to aid early return to work following injury.

For larger companies we can visit your workplace to assess and treat employees on site; this ensures that problems are dealt with quickly and minimises employee absence. We have specialist knowledge of workstation assessments and can help find solutions to problems found by your In House Health and Safety team.

Smaller employers can still benefit by sending their staff directly to us for speedy assessment and treatment at our clinic. We are then able to liaise with their managers with the employees consent to make recommendations to enable a staff member to remain in work or to return as soon as possible.

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